Ensuring women have a safe space they can rejuvenate, is the inspiration behind Hypno Healing & Massage to help bring peace, calm and harmony to your household. I believe that you have the power to make anything possible, I have the tools that I can give you, to help you, achieve Peace, Calm & Harmony within yourself. 

Hypno Healing & Massage has been developed on the basis that every woman needs to have a safe place they can go to relax and restore their energy and their faith to continue with their role in life.

  • It assists people to transform their thinking to bring about abundance and good self care structures, to enhance self determination. 

We are all interdependent on the cycles of life, hence, every now an then we need a little pick me up to revitalize and regain our confidence to move forward.

Hypno Healing & Massage also offers HypnoBirthing Mongan Method to pregnant women who want to learn techniques for entering a deep relaxed state for a gentle birthing experience, no matter what turn their birthing takes.

  • Doula services to support women and their partners with their transition into parenthood, offering education and support throughout your journey.

  • Relaxation massage is offered for people who need to unwind and connect with their inner self.

  • HypnoBirthing FAQ   I am happy to offer a free consult with anyone to gain a better understanding of your needs, and help out where possible. 

  • Essential Oil Wellness Classes free for people with an open mind who wish to be autonomous about their health care options.

  • Tai Chi for Health, where you can learn slow, smooth, continuous movements to enhance bone and joint health, mental clarity, and calm. 

The natural beauty of breastfeeding.

Mission Statement

Mission: Heal thy self find inner beauty and safely relax.

Vision : To provide an environment for women to feel safe, relax and grow self abundance, through the magic of massage, deep relaxation and natural health care options. For women to gain a sense of self worth, self love and overall compassion. 

1. Provide an environment  people can feel comfortable
2. Offer a unique service to women which is all holistic to their natural health care needs. 
3. Ensure all women feel safe to, just be. 
4. To be accessible to all women in diverse ways.
5. Be understanding of women's needs for them to heal self. 
6. Work in collaboration with all health professionals to ensure best possible health outcomes for women. 
7. Be accepting and respectful of diverse cultures and all faith.
8. Understanding that all people have a journey and it is to them what it needs to be..
9. Uphold and maintain complete confidentiality of all clients employees and stakeholders at all times.
10. Be open, honest and transparent about the direction of the business.

Team of Doctors and Midwives at Maternity Hospital #2, Ulanbaataar Mongolia (2011)

What I do & why I do it 

Meet Katie

 I am a passionate woman who has worked throughout Australia and  Mongolia as a Registered Nurse and Midwife.  My passion stems from working with women from diverse backgrounds, which now leads me here, back home, with a bucket of knowledge to share with people who are experiencing transition whatever that looks like for them.

Hypnotherapy & Massage came into my life when I least expected it but now it is part of My Story I Have Created.

Like so many people, I have questioned myself and  tried to figure out ways to  achieve true happiness. This I have found, through gratitude and peace. 

As a HypnoBirthing Educator I believe, we have the experiences we need to have, to learn what we need to know, to move forward in our life. All of my experiences have lead me back home, doing what I love and sharing my story, to inspire you to Create Your Own Story. 

Women are the Matriarch of the family, they hold the key to peace, happiness and love within that family unit. Giving women a safe space to recharge their batteries is what I aim to create, so they can continue to provide the love and support to their friends and families. 

I, studied Nursing  and Midwifery at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga. Because I loved the concept, of caring for and getting to know a pregnant woman and her whole family for the most  precious, and emotional, months of her life, I went back to university and completed a Masters of Midwifery in 2012.

I am registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulating Authority as a nurse and a midwife.

I also hold a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and teach Nursing at TAFE and University. 

Basically my  passion, is enabling women to trust and connect with themselves to make the changes they need to make, for either, maintenance or enhancement of themselves, which increases their self confidence.

​This is why I do what I do. 


  • Where's Your Head At?6:20

Kate is affiliated with the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies (IICT), American Board of Hypnotherapy & Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABH & NLP),   HypnoBirthing International,  Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and Tai Chi Productions.